Thursday, August 24, 2006

Eating Elsewhere: NYC and Boston

We got back late Tuesday night from a week-long trip to the East Coast. As you can probably guess, there was a lot of good eating to be done in NYC and Boston. Believe it or not, the photo below is a FRIED TWINKIE from the Chip Shop in Brooklyn.

deep-fried twinkies

Although I was a bit skeptical, the Twinkie turned out to be quite good. The outside had a nice crunch to it, while the cake was still spongey and moist. (I think the heat from the frying process causes the cream filling to melt/become absorbed into the cake.) The raspberry coulis was a fancy touch! Here are some of the other food highlights from our vacation:

New York
  • Lunch at The Modern Bar Room, before taking in the MoMA.
  • Afternoon Tea at the Tea Box, on the lower level of Takashimaya.
  • Crispy rice with spicy tuna at Koi. (We first had this dish at the original Koi location in L.A. and loved it. So of course, when our hotel restaurant turned out to be Koi, we *had* to pop downstairs for a bite.)
  • Breakfast at Balthazar. (When you're dining here, it's easy to pretend you're in Paris.)
  • Small plates at The Stanton Social. (I loved the French onion soup dumplings! And the dessert of warm doughnuts!)


  • Meatball sandwiches at Quincy Market. (It was so hard to pick just one place to eat in there!)
  • Italian in the North End of the city, specifically at Piccolo Venezia.
  • Breakfast at Tealuxe.
  • Fried dough and Fenway Franks at the Red Sox-Yankees game.
  • Fried Ipswich clams at Jasper White's Summer Shack.
  • Dessert at Finale.
  • Yummy pizzas at Todd English's Beacon Hill location of Figs.
And now we'll get back to our regularly scheduled programming of local eating establishments!