Thursday, February 01, 2007

Amber India, Mountain View

This past weekend, we found ourselves dining in Mountain View two nights in a row ... And both times, someone else did all of the ordering for us. And it was a few nights ago, so my memory of the evening is already hazy.

So this is yet another recap with no detailed menu items to speak of. Sorry!

But really, the important thing here is: If you like Indian food, you should go to Amber India. The food is tasty, and there's lots to choose from. I'm pretty sure we started with the Assorted Tandoori Hors d’Oeuvres (chicken tikka, seekh kabab and Anari kebab)and the Assorted Vegetable Platter (samosa, pakoda, harra kebab and papadum) — both of which were great. (I do love the sampler platters! Especially if there are deep-fried items involved.)

Of the main dishes, my favorites were a lamb curry and a chicken curry. Again, apologies for not being able to give any real useful details here. Nothing that our table ordered was bad though, so I'm sure whatever you order — assuming the description appeals to you — will be good.

The service here is so-so. Our party was rather large (about 15 people), and we had a 7:30pm reservation. Yet we didn't sit down until just after 8pm. And there was some confusion because two different waiters tried to take our order. And things were coming out from the kitchen rather slowly. But this place is so popular and crowded, I guess you sort of expect that.

Amber India
2290 El Camino Real, #9
Mountain View, CA
(650) 968-7511