Thursday, May 03, 2007

Crepes Cafe, Menlo Park

I have no idea how Crepes Cafe eluded me for so long. This place is a gem! (As long as you don't mind the train rolling through the station across the street every so often — which I didn't.)

I recently went for Sunday brunch with three girlfriends. Each of us ordered a different crepe (in both the sweet and savory categories) and they were all so good. I had the bananas and chocolate combination, but next time I'm going for the Belle Helene (pears and chocolate).

Most of the seating is outdoors, with heat lamps and a covered patio allowing for year-round al fresco dining. Although the restaurant was busy when we visited, service was still very friendly and efficient.

The fact that they offer fondue as well just makes this place even better in my book.

Crepes Cafe
1195 Merrill Street
Menlo Park, CA
(650) 473-0506