Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Wouldn't you know it — after a six-month hiatus, I return to bring you a cupcake-related post. Just when you thought Palo Alto had missed out on the cupcake trend, two bakeries are opening next month: Sprinkles and Kara's Cupcakes. I've tasted the former (thumbs up), but not the latter.

Sprinkles' opening has been delayed and delayed. Now, according to a Craigslist job posting, it's supposed to be in business at the Stanford Shopping Center in September.

On September 1, Kara's Cupcakes will be opening at the Town & Country Village. (Which, by the way, is looking much better these days with all of the new shops opening up there.)

So finally! We get our cupcakeries in the Peninsula. In the past, I've had to order from Sibby's, which requires large quantities and doesn't have a storefront. At least PA got in on the whole yogurt craze in a timely manner!

(Note: I do not like the service at the Red Mango on University, so I continue to frequent Fraiche.)