Monday, July 31, 2006

Neotte Teabar, Palo Alto

Jon and I first took notice of Neotte months and months ago -- back when the weather was cold enough to make a hot cup of tea sound like a sensational idea. Then the temperatures began to rise and we sort of forgot about going there. But last Friday, while sitting at my chilly, air-conditioned workstation trying to think of a good place to meet up with a friend in downtown Palo Alto, Neotte popped into my head.

Of course, once I parked my car and stepped out onto the sidewalk, it was blazing hot (okay, probably in the 80s -- not the 100s or anything crazy like that). And just when I was starting to regret my meet-up location, I saw that Neotte offers any of their teas iced. I opted for an iced Hong Kong milk tea, and my pal Evelyn ordered an iced white tea. Both were absolutely refreshing. No added sugar required.

Neotte also carries a few snacks (cakes, Chinese treats), and most of their teas are available for purchase in well-designed metal canisters. You'll also find some very cute teacups and pots for sale. The space is modern and simple, with a dozen or so tables and a few armchairs to relax in. Quite a few people were there with their laptops, so I'm guessing there's free wi-fi here.

So if you think -- like I previously did -- that Neotte is only a good place to go when it's rainy or cold, think again. With its friendly service, calm ambiance and delicious cold or hot teas, this is a solid year-round hang-out.

Neotte Teabar
429 University Avenue
Palo Alto, CA
(650) 330-1738