Monday, October 08, 2007

If You Find Yourself in Cupertino ...

You must check out the new Whole Foods. It is enormous! And there are so many food stations! I think I could eat lunch there for an entire month and not have the same meal twice. (Though some of their food is a bit bland for me, I like that the co-workers and I can go here and all get whatever cuisine it is we're craving. Makes the daily "Where are we going to lunch?" debate much easier to resolve.)

The new location is: 20955 Stevens Creek Boulevard — which is basically across the street from the old store.

For the Singaporean food fans out there: Have you tried Merlion (at 19628 Stevens Creek)? I've had mixed reaction to the service and food there. But the one thing I've consistently enjoyed is the garlic veggie noodles, which is satisfying and not too pricey.

In the same strip mall: In case you're wondering what the deal is with Ramen Rama, the last I heard (a month or so ago), the place is *hoping* to be open by Christmas! I guess they're having problems with the permits. Sucks. On rainy days (like we're expecting this week), I love me a big bowl of noodle soup.

And speaking of noodle soups! My current favorite is served at Fatima (10125 Bandley Drive). They have these thick homemade noodles in a spicy broth ... Mmmm ...