Monday, May 01, 2006

Kirk's Steakburgers, Cupertino

It had been a while since I tried a new place for lunch, so I joined the co-workers today for a trip to Kirk's Steakburgers. Located right next to the freeway on-ramp, this restaurant is not about the ambiance. The dining space is lined with booths on the side, with tables for four set up in the middle. At one end of the room is the kitchen/counter; at the other, a small-screen TV and a condiments bar.

I opted for a regular ol' steakburger with jack cheese and mushrooms, as well as a chocolate mint shake. I didn't bother with the fries because they're steak fries, which means they won't be crispy, which is how I like them. (The onion strings did look very crispy, however.)

The burger itself was very good -- a juicy, charcoal-grilled 1/3-lb patty. I had to get rid of all of the mushrooms that were piled into my burger because they appeared to be canned mushrooms, which are a no-no in my book.

The milkshake was basically a too-sweet chocolate shake with some mint syrup poured in. I wish they would just make it with mint-chip ice cream. But, hey, what do you expect from a place that doesn't have fresh mushrooms. (I know, I just can't get let that go!)

The next time I'm in the mood for a burger and shake, I think I'll head over to In-N-Out -- which cooks up perfectly good burgers and fries. Plus, it's much cheaper than Kirk's! (My lunch today was just over $10.)

Kirk's Steakburgers
1330 S. DeAnza Boulevard
Cupertino, CA
(408) 446-2988

Town & Country Village
855 El Camino Real, #75
Palo Alto, CA
(650) 326-6159

2388 S. Bascom Avenue
Campbell, CA
(408) 371-3565