Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Satura Cakes, Los Altos

Last month, I mentioned that Satura Cakes would be opening soon in Palo Alto. With that opening now nailed down for June 2, I decided that I should probably try out their Los Altos location. You know, so I could determine whether or not it's worth getting excited about their new bakery. And after sampling two of their cakes, I have concluded that it is indeed worth the anticipation.

I was in downtown Los Altos yesterday around 5pm, so a few of the goodies were already sold out for the day. But there was still plenty to choose from -- cakes, cookies, pastries, chocolates. I was tempted by a ganache-filled fig that was dusted in cocoa powder, and the mango pie piqued my interest, but I decided to devote my calorie consumption to the cakes.

I picked up slices of the Satura Shortcake ($5) and the Banana Chocolate ($4). I have to say, the shortcake is quite pricey when you consider that the slice is, oh, maybe a 1.5" square. That's it, people. So, $9 poorer, I walked out of the bakery with a cute little box with a label attached indicating that these treats should be eaten today. Of course, I complied.

After dinner last night, Jon and I brought out the box. The Strawberry Shortcake was delicious -- the cake was moist, the whipped cream frosting was light and not too sweet, and the strawberries were fresh. Jon's first bite into the Banana Chocolate resulted in an odd reaction. The chocolate sponge cake is rolled with a caramel banana cream. But looking at the cake, you might think the cream is mocha. So when you get caramel banana instead, it's a little strange. Once I explained to him what the cream was, he enjoyed the rest of it. I really liked the chocolate sponge cake, but wasn't crazy about the cream filling.

Those of you waiting for the Beard Papa to set up shop in the Peninsula (downtown Redwood City, to be specific), will be happy to know that you can get your cream puff fix taken care of at Satura. When I dropped in yesterday, the two flavors offered were caramel/banana and green tea. I think they were all out of vanilla. The cream puffs are $3 each (which is a little steep), but you can also grab 5 for $10 (much better).

Although Satura's Palo Alto location isn't even open yet, there are already plans to open two more in the Peninsula by the end of the year. Good news, yes, but it means I may have to join a gym if they set up shop closer to my house...

Satura Cakes
200 Main Street
Los Altos, CA
(650) 948-3300

Opening on June 2:
320 University Avenue
Palo Alto, CA