Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Coming Soon to Palo Alto: Satura Cakes

strawberrycakeWalking along University Avenue the other day, I noticed a storefront that will soon be the home of Satura's second Peninsula location. I haven't been to the Los Altos outpost, but I am all for more bakery options around here.

The Metroactive had this to say when the Los Altos Satura opened in January:
The high-concept bakery creates pastries as artfully presented as sushi made with premium ingredients. Masahito Motohashi, one of the top 5 pastry chefs in Japan, designed the menu. Typical of Japanese confections, these desserts are less sweet than their American counterparts, and ingredients, local and organic when possible, are paired down to bare minimums so the flavors shine through. Satura Cakes does not use any hydrogenated shortenings and bakes its cakes, cookies and pastries daily. The store will also sell premium espressos and coffees.
I'm especially looking forward to trying the strawberry shortcake, green tea pound cake, vanilla cream puffs, carmelized banana tart and macaroons. The menu also includes unique offerings such as strawberry or pistachio tiramisu, green tea chestnut roll and sesame blancmange.

Satura Cakes
200 Main Street
Los Altos, CA
(650) 948-3300

The Palo Alto location is scheduled to open in May.