Saturday, April 08, 2006


Oakland ColiseumI've been sick for the past few days and unable to really enjoy food -- and thus, not eating much. The last meal I really remember tasting was at the Oakland Coliseum on Wednesday night. We watched the A's beat the Yankees in our excellent seats that included unlimited food and drinks. So, of course, we set out to eat as much as possible over the nine innings.

I started with the nachos -- no on the salsa, but yes on the cheese (of course) and jalapenos. They were actually better than most ballpark nachos, but I couldn't quite put my finger on the difference in the flavor of the cheese. It seemed to be a bit more buttery-tasting, maybe?

Next, I ordered the sliders (mini-burgers). They came with a slice of pickle and chopped onions already on the patty (ketchup and mustard were in accompanying packets), and were served with a side of Kettle Chips. It was pretty good.

I was getting full -- from the aforementioned food items, as well as the peanuts that we were snacking on -- but still managed to get a couple more orders in: popcorn that was billed as "fresh-popped and buttered" (yes, there was a buttery substance on the popcorn, but it definitely was not fresh-popped), and some sour candies (basically, Sour Patch Kids knock-offs). Neither was very satisfying, but I wasn't hungry anymore anyway.

Since it was chilly that night, I opted for hot chocolate the entire evening. It was water-based -- which was good and bad. Good because it meant the server could bring it out really quickly, but bad because... well, it's water-based hot chocolate. (The item that seemed to take the longest to make/serve was the mozzarella sticks. A friend of ours placed that order and it took about half an hour to arrive.)

Although I haven't been to an SF Giants' game yet this year, I think they still have the A's beat in terms of ballpark food.