Friday, January 06, 2006

Cocoa Bon, Santa Clara

cocoa bonI spent my lunch break today at Valley Fair, where I couldn't help but pop into Cocoa Bon and sample a few sweets.

The company makes about a dozen chocolate products, and several cocktail-flavored jelly beans (cosmo, mojito, bellini and sangria). Here are my favorites -- i.e., the ones I liked enough to buy:

  • Original Chocolate Mint has a thin, crispy peppermint shell with dark chocolate and a bit more peppermint on the inside. I preferred it over the Dark Chocolate Mint, which is more like a Junior Mint.
  • Dark Chocolate Cherry is just as it sounds -- a Washington state dried cherry enrobed in dark chocolate.
  • Dark Chocolate Espresso Bean is perfect for caffeine lovers; there's a crunchy bean at the center.
  • 72% Dark Chocolate is more bitter/less sweet than your average dark chocolate. Lesser percentages were also available in the store; and according to the web site, Cocoa Bon also makes an 80%.

The Los Gatos-based company makes everything in small batches, using high-quality ingredients. While you can find their line at a number of stores in the Bay Area (including some Whole Foods), the Valley Fair outpost is the only dedicated boutique.

Cocoa Bon
Westfield Valley Fair
2855 Stevens Creek Boulevard
No. B2295
Santa Clara, CA
(408) 261-2439