Friday, March 03, 2006

Eating Elsewhere: Los Cabos, Mexico

We just got back from Mexico -- where all we did was eat, relax on the beach, eat, relax by the pool, eat, relax on the daybed on our terrace, eat ... You get the picture. I'm fairly certain I added on a few extra pounds during the trip, but this could not be confirmed; when I stepped on the scale in the hotel room, an error message kept popping up on the screen. Hmmm ... Not a good sign.

Okay, with all of the eating we did, I of course have a couple of recommendations -- should you find yourself in Los Cabos any time soon. We enjoyed so many good meals at the resort, but I'll share with you the highlight of our excursions "into town":

  • San Jose del Cabo - Although still a tourist hot spot, SJ has more of an authentic vibe than CSL. There aren't people on the streets trying to aggressively hustle you into their store and you won't find TOO many American chains on the main street, Boulevard Antonio Mijares. The heat may tempt you into the Baskins-Robbins there, but don't do it. Instead, head to this little ice cream/popsicle store that I should have written down the name of but didn't. However, I can direct you there: It's on Coronado (I think), about two blocks from Mijares. The popsicles were not just simply frozen fruit juice. Mine had bite-size chunks of mango imbedded throughout. It was both beautiful to look at (sort of mosaic-like) and wonderful to eat. Especially since it was about 90 degrees out.
  • Cabo San Lucas - Yes, downtown is home to a Hard Rock Cafe, Houlihan's and Ruth's Chris Steak House. But if you venture off Boulevard Marina and onto Ignacio Zaragoza, you'll be rewarded with amazing and affordable food. We were instructed to visit Los Claros, which was emphasized as a "Mexican restaurant" -- meaning, there is limited English spoken there and not a lot of tourists. Worked for us. The fish tacos were so frickin' awesome. I can't even put it into words. The fish is fried right there, in front of you, in a little trolley. Then you take your plate to the condiment area, where all sorts of garnishes and salsas await you. I also tried the oyster tacos -- equally delicious! And each taco cost us roughly $1. I would have gone back again and again if only the cab ride to CSL wasn't $28 each way.

With all of the churros I've eaten this week (poolside! so decadent!), I think I need to sign up for a gym membership ...