Monday, March 13, 2006

Little Store Restaurant, Woodside

During last week's drive up to Alice's, I noticed the Little Store Restaurant for the first time. Jon, being an avid bicyclists, had rode past the place many times. He had asked around about it, and gotten positive feedback. So we decided to check it out on Saturday night.

Just past the main intersection in Woodside (where you'll find Robert's and Buck's), lies this rustic spot marked by an old Model A Ford parked in front of it. The building -- a historic landmark -- has been around since 1902. Yes, it actually was a general store in a previous life; it was also a gas station in the 1960s.

Now, when you step inside the Little Store, you'll find about ten tables topped with red-and-white checkered oilcloth (kid-friendly!). The bar area has a half dozen or so stools, and you can easily watch the TV from there. (The night we went, the cooks were fixated on a soccer match.) The restaurant's vibe is warm, cozy and laid-back. Our waitress -- the only waitress -- was super-friendly, and greeted everyone who walked in like an old friend.

The menu at the Little Store includes all-American classics (burgers, fried chicken, hot dogs, pastas, salads), as well as a few Mexican dishes (burritos, quesadillas). For our first visit here, I opted for the Southern fried chicken and Jon went with a Rodeo Burger (bacon, cheddar, beer-battered onion rings, barbecue sauce). Both of our entrees came with a side of crispy fries. My plate also included a pile of lima beans, corn and peas -- just buttery enough to make me consume all of my vegetables (not a common occurrence for me).

We gave our entire meal a thumbs-up. In addition to the good food and service, the prices were quite reasonable. Our bill was about $40, including drinks (an Oreo shake for Jon, hot apple cider for me) and a yummy slice of Key Lime Pie. The dessert menu features a few pies, but is mostly comprised of ice-cream treats. There's also a good beer and wine selection. And, this being Woodside, why not order an Angus hot dog with a glass of Moet?

Little Store Restaurant
3340 Woodside Road
Woodside, CA
(650) 851-8110