Monday, March 20, 2006

Peninsula Food Reviews

Wow. The Chronicle was all over the Peninsula last week! They ran reviews of three different establishments:
  • Marche in Menlo Park
  • A Tavola in Redwood City (a fire forced the restaurant to move from its San Carlos location last year)
  • JZ Cool Eatery in Menlo Park

Both Marche and A Tavolo are on my list of places to try -- although I'm less excited about the former now that Michael Bauer says it's not really worth the money.

As for JZ Cool, I recently went to a dinner party that was catered by the company and all of the food was delicious (the lemon bars were a stand-out). While Jesse Cool's Flea Street Cafe is also on my list, I have had the pleasure of eating at her Cool Cafe at the Cantor Center for the Arts on the Stanford campus. The cafe offers lots of healthy, organic options. I give the museum, which is free (so there's no reason not to go!), and the eatery a big thumbs up.